Shield Ladders Rd6

Shield Ladders

At the halfway point of the season the interim ladders currently see the club well placed to have multiple teams representing Western Athletics at Shield Final. With six rounds remaining two pre Xmas and four post Xmas it will be a tight and exciting run for some teams as they strive to finish in the top 2 treams in their divisions.


Yellow Zone Ladders, as at Round 6


DIV1 Total Points Ladder Points
ESS 31608 62
MUU 28545 56
KSB 19835 48
WES 16297 43
ESS2 2989 28
KSB2 1350 25
MUU2 2469 17
WES2 604 10
MUU3 768 7
ESS3 137 3


40+ Total Points Ladder Points
WES 21856 62
KSB 21808 58
WES2 1710 22
WTN 1452 16
KSB2 640 15
WES3 181 6


U18 Total Points Ladder Points
WES 23166 66
ESS 15816 53
BWK 10115 46
WYN 8470 43
KSB 4814 34
BWK2 1476 22
WTN 1877 17
COB 835 6
SME 681 5
ESS2 383 5
WES2 139 4
BWK3 135 2


U16     Total Points Ladder Points
WES 23576 60
ESS 23265 60
KSB 6794 43
WTN 4165 36
ESS2 4781 34
WES2 2344 27
ESS3 424 4
WES3 153 3


DIV1 Total Points Ladder Points
MUU 38095 60
WES 33524 55
ESS 33444 53
MUU2 1136 21
WES2 836 7
ESS 129 7


U18 Total Points Ladder Points
WES 30144 66
ESS 12996 54
WES2 3437 30
COB 1391 29
SME 1250 25
MUU 954 19
WTN 539 12


U16 Total Points Ladder Points
KSB 24469 59
ESS 22448 55
WES 23644 54
WYN 4358 36
WTN 4072 27
ESS2 2120 27
WES2 4421 26
KSB2 1203 12
WES3 670 7
COB 471 7
ESS3 434 5
WES4 147 1



AV Shield competition - Round 4 update

In round 4 Western Athletics were represented at at least 3 different venues with photos coming in from Ringwood, Doncaster and Geelong athletics tracks.

Rayner wins in augural Commonwealth half

Thank you to Athletics Australia for the following article. Source:

Jack Rayner has written his name into history with a win in the inaugural Commonwealth Half Marathon Championships held in Cardiff last evening. 

Ethiopian Athletics Festival

In partnership with Brimbank Little Athletics Centre and Little Athletics Victoria, we helped host the Ethiopian Athletics Festival! Many thanks to all those who help volunteer to make a very successful day!

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Tan Relays Race Wrap

We were lucky with the weather and in the end we had only a few drops of rain, with the worst of the wind and hail well after the racing was done and dusted.  We had some great results and our open men finished the season on a very powerful note - the best team results for the season.  With a little help from the juniors our open women fielded three teams and runs from our U18 men and U16 women teams saw them secure second place in the ladders for the season. 

Thanks To all those who spotted and recorded for our teams and for our three AV helpers Kylee Marsh, Ben Mudie and Sharon Rankin.

Burnley Race Wrap XCR Round 9

State Half Marathon Championships and Junior 5km Road Race

With near perfect conditions for the half marathon, cool conditions, a light breeze and the sun making the occasional appearance, we had a bumper turn-out from our open men’s team.   For the juniors the numbers were down a little with the National XC only the week before.  Highlights for the round were Nardine Bainbridge’s best ever placing in the XCR finishing 4th, which should place her in the top ten for the overall season, Callum Drake breaking 70 minutes in his debut half marathon and Stephanie Thomas’s 3rd Western athletics record for the year in the 40+ category and her successful defence of the XCR Half Marathon title.

Thanks to all our AV helpers, Colin Drake, Peter Cashin, Brenda Cashin and Lori Glover and to Tania Shanahan for the photos.

Lake Wendouree Race Wrap – Round 7 XCR

Conditions were on the good side for Ballarat but the westerly breeze made the return part of the course an effort.  We took a hit in the open divisions this week with only two men’s teams (down 7 athletes) and one team in the open women.  Despite the low numbers we still had strong Premier Men’s and Women’s teams with the continuing of the see-sawing 3rd and 4th place between the two - men finishing 3rd and the women 4th.  Numbers were also down with our juniors but so were other clubs and with this our U20s won the team competition.  A couple of individual highlights for this round was Nardine Bainbridge’s best ever XCR placing, with a 5th place in the open women’s competition and Stephanie Thomas breaking another record, the women’s 40+ 15km road race record, in a time of 60 minutes and 57 seconds.

Round 6 XCR Albert Park

Round 6 also doubled as the 10km Road State Championship and this year AV threw in a $2500 price for a the winner in sub 29 minutes for the men and sub 32 for the women.  With Jack Rayner in the best form of his career so far, off the back of wins at Launceston, Bundoora and the Gold Coast half marathon, the money was on Jack for the win and he did not disappoint.  Despite the northerly wind picking up during the race Jack set the pace and in the last 2 km made a break from the last of his rivals to take the win, and the cash, in a time of 28 minutes and 52 seconds.  Along with all the other firsts, Jack is now Western athletics’ first state road 10km champion.  In other highlights, our U16s team won putting them back on top of the ladder with Mia White returning to the podium with a win in the U16 3km.

Sandown Relays Race Wrap

A top ten finish for Nardine Bainbridge

The weather played a huge part in the relays with AV truncating the races, with two laps per leg down to the single lap, 3.1km.  This was good news for some but it also meant some juggling of open men’s teams with the danger of losing one of our best from the Premier team.  It was with initiative and cool heads that the open men’s teams in the Div 3 and Div 6 were prepared to move the order around to accommodate for the missing athlete.  Thanks Michael Masseni, Luke Hodgart, Adrian Jeffkins and spotters Peter Cashin and Tom Vernon.  Thankfully, it was not necessary to change the teams around again with everyone making the race in time.  Thanks to the support on the day from Brenda Cashin for money collections and all those who braved the chilly conditions to run or record for the teams – everyone put in a superb effort.  Thanks also to our three AV helpers, Ben Mudie, Karen Sharp and Mechelle Lane who spotted and recorded for the U16 women’s teams.

Former Member - Amy Cashin

Amy has been studying in the USA on an athletics scholarship at the West Virginia University since August 2013. In that time she has achieved a great deal both academically and athletically.

Amy dedicates her time with the Special Olympics, Ruby Memorial Hospital, local nursing homes, and in the summers, she helps coach and mentor at local youth cross country camps.

Her coach at WVU, Sean Cleary said, "Words alone cannot describe Amy's leadership in helping guide not only our track and cross country programs, but more so the overall student-athlete experience at WVU."

We can’t wait to see Amy when she comes home for Christmas and at the Falls Creek training camp.