XCR 22 Round 2 Race Wrap - Bendigo, Ravenswood

XCR 22 Round 2 Race Wrap - Bendigo, Ravenswood

By all accounts it was a great day’s racing and great day’s outing with a challenging grass course with plenty of undulation and a pleasant vineyard to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, after the racing was done! It was a solid result for our open teams but not much action in the junior teams. Highlights for the day were our Premier men’s team in second place and Lucy Cleveland’s second place result in the women’s U16. Thanks to Brandon and Mario Muscat for transporting the tents to and from the event.

Open Men

Despite missing a few of our top athlete’s we still had a great result from the Premier team. Nathan Pearce continued his great form from Jells Park to be first across line for us in 12th overall in a time of 25 minutes and 37 seconds. Not far behind was Matt Schaumberg and a great run from him only a couple of weeks after his big Half Marathon in Sydney. It was then a rush to the line for the next four runners with Ethan McMinimee, Abdi Haji Ali, Luca Di Conza and Brandon Muscat. Congratulations to Brandon and Luca for the debut in the premier team! Great depth with all finishing in the top 40 resulting in second place behind the dominant Bendigo team. The depth continued through to the Div 2 team which finished 6th and the Div 5 with only 2 athletes finished also was 6th. Special mention in the Div 2 men is Colin Drake for his big come-back to XCR with a second place in the 60+ men!

Premier Men
Schaumby & Brandon

Open Women

With low numbers and not much depth it looked like our premier team was in trouble but when the team results came out I was pleasantly surprised with the Premier team in 6th place. First across the line was Steph Thomas in a time of 33 minutes and 57 seconds, 41st overall and first in her 45+ age group. Then Nardine Bainbridge, followed by Sophie McMinimee, Mechelle Lane (possibly second in the 55+ age group!) with Cath Cleveland making up the five. Although the numbers were low we had two athletes fill out the Div 3 team resulting 8th place and valuable team points.



There was only a scattering of juniors running in men U20s, U16s men and women. In the men’s U20 Tom Glover finished 14th while in the Men’s U16 Aiden Muscat was 9th and Emerson Arnold was 13th. The best result of the day came from our U16 women with Liz Hall finishing 11th and Lucy Cleveland finishing 2nd. In our teams, the U16 men’s team was 5th and the women’s U16 was 4th.