AVSL 2021 Division 2 Premiership Playoffs Wrap

AVSL 2021 Division 2 Premiership Playoffs Wrap

We won! We won! We won! You little ripper!

Going into the Playoffs we were on top of the ladder, but ultimate success could not be taken for granted. We had not won a weekly round since our Power Play in round 4, finishing 3rd and 4th once each and 2nd 4 times over the last six rounds.

We had 77 different athletes compete for our Club over the whole season, 63 of those athletes qualified for the Playoffs and of those 52 competed on the day. Co-incidentally, this was the same number of athletes we had for round 9 where we came 2nd with 28 500 points and our Power Play (round 4) where we won with 38 391 points. The comforting thing was that we had 110 scoring events covered, only two  less than our Power Play.

CoVid, injury, work commitments and other factors came into play throughout the season and the Playoffs were no exception. Thank-fully we had athletes that provided certificates to explain their DNS, others who competed in field events even though working through injuries that prevented them from running and some other athletes who came for an event despite other commitments.

An overcast start to the day soon turned into fine day and after the walk and 3km races we had established a handy lead, which we built throughout the morning. We held a lead of around 7000 to 9000 points by mid-afternoon and finished up with our highest score of the season 38 562 points, 171 more points than our Power Play round score.

Western Athletics 38,562
Wyndham T&F 28,781
Keilor St Bernards 20,975
Bendigo Harriers 18,017

We had 23 athletes compete in 3 individual scoring events, 12 in 2 events and 17 in one event. 29 athletes competed in shot put, 28 in the 200m, 25 in the 800m, 10 in triple jump, 6 in high jump, 5 in hammer, 4 in the walk and 2 in the hurdles.

The following athletes scored in 3 individual events: Jacob, Ruby, Xander, Blair, Tom, Alan B, Brenda, Phil, Liz, Summer, Ben H, Claire H, Janice, Isabella, Kaelan, Janae, Bol, Sarah, Emily, Stan, Carl and Amber.

The athletes in two individual scoring events were Oscar, Mal, Niharika, Nina, Liam McG, Matt M, Aiden M, Ruth, Brayden, Chloe, Rebekah and Honour.

Pascal, Heath, Soumeya, Maya, Alistair, Ben M, Brandon M, Jaydon, Jeremy, Kirk, Graham, Rajvir, Marcus, Abigail, Stephanie, Nadia and Nicole competed in one individual scoring event.

We had 13 athletes score over 1000 points: Xander 1397, Amber 1386, Stan 1304, Liz 1293, Janae 1271, Bol 1255, Alan 1177, Carl 1150, Honour 1126, Brad 1093, Kaelan 1087, Emily 1064 and Sarah 1060.

There were several highlights, with at least 12 athletes improving their season’s best performance.

Watching the relays was definitely a major highlight at the end of the day.

We entered 6 relay teams in the 4 x 400m. The F16 team of Honour, Amber, Emily & Summer scored 502 points, M18 Jeremy, Bol, Jacob & Xander scored 448 points, F Open of Soumeya, Janae, Sarah & Claire scored 420 points, M 20 of Brayden, Pascal, Marcus & Carl scored 386 points, M 16 of Kaelan, Matthew, Aiden & Oscar scored 292 points and M 50+ of Graham, Phil, Mal & Alan scored 163 points.

Thank-you very much to Brenda Cashin, Stu Macaulay, Phil Dunstone, Claire Hodgart, Michael Schaap, Robyn Shield, Kaelan Macaulay, Petra Mayer, Janae Mackrell, Rob Muscara and Mal Hodgart for helping us to fulfill our Club duties at shot put and the finish line.

It was a lovely atmosphere throughout the day, and it was very satisfying to see the pride and joy reflected in all the faces of the coaches, athletes and parents during the presentation.

As a Club we took big steps this year in track and field. Compared to last season we improved our highest round score from 29 663 points to 38 562 points. We scored 170 118 points in total last season and 297 254 total points this season. Our average number of athletes entered per round went from 30 to 42 and the average number of individual scoring events from 55 to 82 per round.

Do we dare to dream of reaching the Premier Division Playoffs next season? Jump on board!