Life Members

Stan Coxhill (Sunshine AC 90/91)
Vin Bunworth * (Werribee AC)
Maureen Bunworth (Werribee AC)
John Alchin (Sunshine AC 93/94)
Margaret Thompson (Footscray AC) (also an Aths Vic Life Member 1995)
Phyllis Andersson * (Footscray AC) (also an Aths Vic Life Member 1970)
Kevin Falloon (Sunshine AC)
Rod Crick (Sunshine AC)
Debra Crick (Sunshine AC)
Margaret Wildman (Sunshine/Albion AC)
Marian Crook (Footscray AC)
Pam Thatcher (Footscray AC)
Leonie Viterbo (Sunshine AC)
Carmel Crick (Sunshine AC)
Ron Harris (Sunshine AC)
Roy Smellie (Sunshine AC)
Lois Smellie (Sunshine AC)
Thelma Archer (Sunshine AC)
Sheila Nichols (Sunshine AC)
George Vella (Sunshine AC)
Kevin Lewis (Sunshine AC)
Len Clark (Sunshine AC)
Mick Clark (Sunshine AC)
Rita Clark (Sunshine AC)
Sid Cox * (Sunshine AC) (also a Merit Award Winner for Athletics Victoria)
Kaye Wildman (Sunshine AC)
Peter Burke (Western Athletics 2005)
Russell Hampson (Western Athletics 2008)
Wayne Bingham (Western Athletics 2010)
John Sanford (Western Athletics 2011)
Stuart Macaulay (Western Athletics 2015)
Graham Shaw (Western Athletics 2019)
Fernando Canepa (Western Athletics 2020)

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