XCR'12 Rd 7 Bundoora

July has been a great month for Open Men’s and Women’s teams.  Lots of points from Coliban and last Saturday, at Bundoora, we managed to field 3 men’s teams (15 men) and 2 women’s teams (7 women) – more valuable points. Mt Cooper was no deterrent for the You Yangs hardened Westies, a vast improvement on numbers from Wendouree and Brimbank.  The ladders aren’t up yet however I did check and sadly South Melbourneand Ballarat also fielded more than 15 men.  Whilst this puts us out of promotion contention, at least it sures up our placing in the ladders.  

It’s a tough run, no other way to describe the course at Bundoora, but I think it is well placed in the season with most of us having some good training under our belts and well conditioned legs.  This year the course was dryer and a little less muddy and some parts quite firm under foot.  I haven’t heard of any injuries although both of my lower calf muscles were quite fatigued after the Mt Cooper work-out.In the men’s 12km, run of the day goes to Chris Camilleri, coming in first for Western Aths, and after recovering from a recently sprained ankle.  Special mention to Colin Drakefor giving us all a scare at the start of the race…..I was sure we had 15!!!  I was extremely relieved when, after my first pass of Mt Cooper, Amy and Claire said they had seen him go past.  Sorry Luke, hope you pulled up alright!!  In the women’s 8km race, a gutsy effort all round, especially Janice and Brenda, and run of the day goes to Carolyn Heull.  She came 4thin her age group again and backed it up with the 15km race at the You Yangs the next day.

Of course the juniors had the All Schools in the morning and congratulations to all those that made selection for the State teams.  

 Also, if you have any niggles after Mt Cooper don’t forget our friends at Symmetry Physiotherapy.  They are of course a sponsor of ours and if you mention you are with Western Athletics they will give you ‘squad rates’, equating to a 10% discount.


XCR'12 Rd5 Brimbank

The Brimbank course was predictably difficult with the added fun element of the mud at the top of the hill. Being tough cross country runners we all had a great day…any chance to play in the mud!! 

 Run of the day goes to Andrew Rich for his 76’56” in the 16km, a 15 minute PB.  Even more impressive when you consider he started the season nursing a fractured foot…great persistence.  Great performances also from Michael Masseni, Thomas Rebesco (2nd U14 Men) and Claire Hodgart (5th, U18 Women).

 Again our junior teams did well.

14 men’s 1st,

U14 women’s 2nd,

U18 women’s 2nd

U18 men’s 2nd

U16 Men’s 4th

 It was great to see 2 women’s teams (Div 2 and 3) and some valuable team points of course.  They should award extra points for dressing up and running…10 points for Brenda with the Viking hat!! 

Speaking of dress ups, the crowd on the hill was great and even though there wasn’t too much cheer the second time up the hill, we all appreciated the support.  It’s always a fun day, the heritage round at Brimbank.

Next race Coliban Relays 7th July

Phil Dunstone

XCR'12 Rd 1 - Jells Park - XC Relays


XCR Racing once again kicks off in the beautiful surrounds of Jells Park in Melbourne's south-east with the Victorian Cross Country Relay Championships.  The challenging & undulating 3km course traverses both open grassland and dense forest, with open & overage competitors completing two laps and junior competitors one lap per leg.

New Club Singlets


The new singlets are nearly here!  Same colours, same design, but better fabric with an improved cut and some variety of choices of singlet styles.  The crop tops designs are currently being investigated.