The Brimbank course was predictably difficult with the added fun element of the mud at the top of the hill. Being tough cross country runners we all had a great day…any chance to play in the mud!! 

 Run of the day goes to Andrew Rich for his 76’56” in the 16km, a 15 minute PB.  Even more impressive when you consider he started the season nursing a fractured foot…great persistence.  Great performances also from Michael Masseni, Thomas Rebesco (2nd U14 Men) and Claire Hodgart (5th, U18 Women).

 Again our junior teams did well.

14 men’s 1st,

U14 women’s 2nd,

U18 women’s 2nd

U18 men’s 2nd

U16 Men’s 4th

 It was great to see 2 women’s teams (Div 2 and 3) and some valuable team points of course.  They should award extra points for dressing up and running…10 points for Brenda with the Viking hat!! 

Speaking of dress ups, the crowd on the hill was great and even though there wasn’t too much cheer the second time up the hill, we all appreciated the support.  It’s always a fun day, the heritage round at Brimbank.

Next race Coliban Relays 7th July

Phil Dunstone

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