Important Information - COVID-19 - Return to Play Guidelines

Important Information - COVID-19 - Return to Play Guidelines

The Western Athletics Committee is committed to delivering a safe, enjoyable, and successful 2020 season under the guidelines and restriction of the State Government and in accordance with advice from Athletics Victoria.

What does this mean for athletics?

Athletics in Victoria can resume training under the following guidelines:

  • Groups of no more than 20 +coach and 1 support staff (assistant coach or team manager)
  • Track will be divided into four groups, using the shade shelters, each accommodating 20 players plus coach/support staff
  • Each senior coach in collaboration with WA’s COVID 19 Safety Coordinator will determine numbers at each session.
  • All activities must be outdoors and modified to adhere to social distancing rules
  • Toilets will be accessible but change facilities, showers and social rooms are not to be used
  • Competition is not permitted.

The following are the guidelines that will enable us to resume training.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the offender/s being removed from the complex and banned until assurance is given that the offence will not be continued. Persistent offending will result in a total ban from attending.

If you are unwell or have any of the following symptoms:-

  • high temperature
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • fever and/ or
  • a cough

please do not attend training, as we will have to send you away.

If unwell you are advised to seek the appropriate medical advice.

What will training at Western Athletics look like:

  • The Committee will work with coaches to establish a training roster for each group of the club, ensuring equal time for each respective section of the club. This may not be the same amount of time allocated in previous seasons and will change as the restrictions ease further.
  • Activities such as pole vault, long jump and high jump will initially be restricted (see AV guidelines) until restrictions ease further.
  • Training times and days may change as the amount of people who can attend a session changes and as competition gets closer.
  • Social distancing is always to be maintained – during drills, waiting for next drill, etc.

What does that mean for athletes?

The approach will be: “Get in, train and get out!”

  • On arriving at the ground athletes are to wait in the car until their designated session time. There is to be no congregation in the carpark or entry area.
  • All athletes must hand sanitize, proceed to the check in area and be marked off on the attendance sheet.
  • Entry to the ground will be via the main gate closest to the carpark.
  • Toilets will be accessible, but no change or showering facilities will be.
  • No handshakes or high fives – avoid any physical contact with others.
  • Athletes are to bring a full, clearly named drink bottle to the ground - the water fountain is not to be used.
  • Under current CoVid 19 restrictions, athletes will not be able to encroach the soccer training area for warm ups / cool downs.
  • Athletes must not share items such as towels, sticks, and other personal items.
  • Runners are to avoid drafting by utilizing multiple lanes and observing social distancing. Running side by side in the same lane is not permitted.
  • Athletes are to leave the facilities immediately - no socializing after training.
  • There is to be no spitting or clearing of nasal passages without use of a hanky / tissue within the venue.

What does this mean for coaches/assistant coaches?

  • Coaches are to ensure that all training activities always enables players to maintain social distancing. 
  • Coaches to remind players regularly of social distancing requirements (at least 1.5m apart). 
  • A coach cannot coach two groups of 20 at the same time. They can however have members of their one group engaged in different activities e.g. 400m reps and 1km reps.
  • If coaches require use of the Club’s equipment, such as starting blocks and hurdles, they are to let the Committee know so that this equipment can be marked and allocated to them for their use.
  • At the end of each of each session collect all shared equipment and ensure that it sanitized ready for the next training session.

What does this mean for parents, non-players and spectators?

  • Parents and non-athletes are asked not to enter the venue unless necessary.
  • Parents and non-players are to observe social distancing and good hygiene practices at all times. They are to position themselves in the grandstand, trackside and numbers are not to exceed 20.

If any player or family member tests positive for COVID-19 this must be immediately reported to President, Peter Cashin 0424 419 998 who will then report it to the relevant authorities and advise Athletics Victoria. Club members will be notified on advice from the relevant Victorian/Australian authority.

We are excited to be back at the Club, however, it is vital that we observe the guidelines and do our bit to slow the spread of coronavirus and protect community safety if we wish to be able to continue. 

The Committee 

Western Athletics 5th June 2020