Australian Cross Country Championships 2019

Australian Cross Country Championships 2019

The 2019 Australian Cross Country Championships were held at Wollongong on the 24th August 2019. It was great that the event was live streamed by Athletics Australia. Many of us were able to watch and cheer on the Western Athletics athletes from Melbourne.

Conditions were warm which would of made it difficult for the Victorian teams coming up from the cold Melbourne winter. It also looked very dry and dusty, a firm course.

First up was Elizabeth Hall, 17th in Australia for 11 years and a Team Bronze medal.

Next we saw Ethan McMinimee in the boys 16/17 years 6km. Ethan had been training very well over the past few months but the race didn't quite go to plan. Ethan finished 73rd in a big field, still a great effort and plenty of top results to come from Ethan, I'm certain. 

Ebony Dodemaide ran in the 16/17 years 4k race. It wasn't Ebony's day she unfortunately had a fall early in the race and did not finish. Sad to hear but I'm sure many good race to come for Eb as well.

In the Open Men's 10km field we had Liam Cashin and Callum Drake in club colours. Great runs from the two of them - Liam 16th and Callum 26th.

In the final race of the day was Sophie McMinimee racing in the Girls 18/19 years 6km. It was exciting to watch with Sophie getting quite a bit of camera time. A very good run finishing in 17th.

Well done Liz, Ethan, Ebony, Liam, Callum and Sophie!