Marathon Season - Sneyders, Rankin, McDonald & Rayner

Marathon Season - Sneyders, Rankin, McDonald & Rayner

It's marathon season here at Western Athletics!


First up we had Brigitte Sneyders run Rotterdam Marathon. Brigitte had a strong start comfortably sitting a little under her 4:40/km goal pace up until 15km. Unfortunately from this point onwards her left quad started hurting but she found by slowing her pace slightly the pain dulled. Later she would find out she had a fascia tear in the quad. In the end she crossed the line in a personal best time of 3:18:33 and set a new 40+ club marathon record!


Next was Sharon Rankin, in 2017 Sharon ran a huge PB at Melbourne Marathon setting the 40+ club marathon and running a Boston Qualifier in the process. This year Sharon headed over to Boston with her family and coach Chelsea. Sharon didn't quite have the ideal training lead up, running into some niggles, and ended up having a very tough run with 95% humidity and severe cramps from 25km onwards. It's a credit to her that she still got to the finish and says she had an amazing experience!


Alistair McDonald, an experienced marathoner, from my research this might be his 6th marathon. Headed over with his family for London Marathon. Alistair had a consistent run sitting on 3:45/km up until 30km and finishing in 2:45:02. Not a personal best, Alistair reported stomach issues cost him a faster time. But he loved the experience and now holiday time with the family with strictly no running! And continuing on the topic of 40+ club records, Alistair set a new 40+ marathon record for the men.


Last but definitely not least, Jack Rayner made his marathon debut at London in the elite field. Jack seemed to go out with a plan, running very consistent 3:05/km splits up until 35km. From here he picked it up with a 3:01/km 5km split finishing in an amazing time of 2:11:06. Australian 13th fastest of all time, second fastest Australian marathon debut, Olympics qualifier and of course a club record.

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