Tan Relays Race Wrap

We were lucky with the weather and in the end we had only a few drops of rain, with the worst of the wind and hail well after the racing was done and dusted.  We had some great results and our open men finished the season on a very powerful note - the best team results for the season.  With a little help from the juniors our open women fielded three teams and runs from our U18 men and U16 women teams saw them secure second place in the ladders for the season. 

Thanks To all those who spotted and recorded for our teams and for our three AV helpers Kylee Marsh, Ben Mudie and Sharon Rankin.

Open Women

It was a solid result for our premier women’s team in the Tan Relays, with the infusion of many elites running for other clubs.  Nardine Bainbridge led the team out and came back with the fastest time for the women and a 13 second PB in a time of 13 minutes and 43 seconds.  Teaming up with Nardine was Brianna Bunworth, U18 Sophie McMinimee, Claire Hodgart and 40+ Stephanie Thomas.  The Premier team went into the final round in 4th place in the ladders and did enough to maintain this despite Melbourne Uni fielding their strongest team this season to win the race.  A fine end to the season for our Premier women and our best result since we joined Premier Division.  The div 3 team finished well with a 3rd and the Div 4 team was 13th.  Thanks to the following juniors for their support to our open women’s teams: U18 Sophie McMinimee (Premier), U18 Janae Mackrell and U16 Talia Roshier (Div 3) and U20 Justine Muscat (Div 4).

Final Team Ladders

Premier – 4th

Div 3 – 4th

Div 4 – 14th

40+ - 8th

50 + 5th


Open Men

It was a big finish for a very successful season for the open men and again we had the numbers to fill out 5 teams.   All the team results were the best they have been all season and our Premier team picked up their second medal with another third place.  The premier team were led out by Cody Shanahan who ran a new club record in a time of 10 minutes and 56 seconds, then Ryan Geard, Callum Drake, Matthew Tonge, U18 Ethan McMinimee, in his debut for the Premier men’s team and holding out Geelong region to take 3rd was Liam Cashin.  The Div 3 team was second behind ladder leaders Bendigo Region.  The strength of our open men’s teams was evident with the Div 6 team combination of Alex Tyrrell, Tom Vernon, Kirk Shanahan and Cameron Menadue, winning by nearly 4 minutes!  The Div 7 teams also had their best result for the season with a 3rd and 7th.  Undoubtedly our open men benefitted from the contribution juniors Ethan McMinimee (Premier), Matthew Hussey (Div 3) and Kirk Shanahan (Div 6).

Final Team Ladders

Premier – 4th

Div 3 – 2nd

Div 6 - =2nd

Div 7 – 4th and 18th



With two U18 racing in the open men’s divisions it was up to Robert Weitsz, Brandon Muscat and Bailey Rankin in the U18 team.  Robert ran first and finished with a big Tan PB to top off a fine season, with Brandon and Bailey providing solid support.  It was a good effort with the team finishing 7th in a very strong AV U18 group and was enough to hold them in 2nd place in the ladder.  In the U16s Tom Glover led the team with, Brad Ganley and Couper Spies running for the first time at the Tan and for Western Aths, the team finished 12th.  This was also a good result in context with the strong AV U16 group.  The U14s team of Mitchell Roshier, Dylan Rowbottom and Anthony Mosele came together for only the second time this season and finished 6th.

Our U16s team was back to full strength with the familiar combination of Mia White, Abigail Thomas and Georgia Muller. The girls ran well to finish 2nd and secure second place in the ladder.

Team Ladders

Men U20 – 2nd

Men U18 – 2nd and 18th

Men U16 – 17th

Men U14 – 6th

Women U20 – 12th

Women U18 – 5th

Women U16 – 2nd