Sandown Relays Race Wrap

A top ten finish for Nardine Bainbridge

The weather played a huge part in the relays with AV truncating the races, with two laps per leg down to the single lap, 3.1km.  This was good news for some but it also meant some juggling of open men’s teams with the danger of losing one of our best from the Premier team.  It was with initiative and cool heads that the open men’s teams in the Div 3 and Div 6 were prepared to move the order around to accommodate for the missing athlete.  Thanks Michael Masseni, Luke Hodgart, Adrian Jeffkins and spotters Peter Cashin and Tom Vernon.  Thankfully, it was not necessary to change the teams around again with everyone making the race in time.  Thanks to the support on the day from Brenda Cashin for money collections and all those who braved the chilly conditions to run or record for the teams – everyone put in a superb effort.  Thanks also to our three AV helpers, Ben Mudie, Karen Sharp and Mechelle Lane who spotted and recorded for the U16 women’s teams.

Top line highlights in the racing were Jack Rayner setting the fastest time for the day in 8 minutes 30 seconds, the Open men and women’s teams were strong and featured in the top half in most divisions with our premier team both finishing 4th and Nardine Bainbridge running so well in the short course with a top ten finish.  In the juniors there was a standout run from Christiaan Weitsz leading the U20s team to a bronze medal and a great team effort from the U16 girls to also finish with a bronze medal.  Congratulations to Mal Hodgart in his first race for Western athletics and welcome back to Lori Fraser and Julius Weitsz with his first XCR run for club in many years.

Open Women

Considering the shorter distance would not favour most of our Premier athletes and a fourth place was a great result, although with Knox winning this will put us in a three-way tie for 4th place in the ladders.  Nardine Bainbridge led out the team and ran extremely well, considering her preference for the longer races, completing the lap in 10 minutes and 52 seconds.  Nardine handed over to Brianna Bunworth, Claire Hodagrt, Stephanie Thomas and U18 Sophie McMinimee who all ran their best and deliver a fine result.  With a strong Premier team we followed up with a strong Div 3 team.  Brigitte Sneyders, Aimee Lane, Danni Rogan and Lori Fraser (all having previous experience in our Premier team) ran well to place the team third.  With support from U20, Justine Muscat, U16 Talia Roshier and 50+ Janice Hodgart the Div 4 team put some well needed points on the board finishing 7th.


Premier Women - =4th

Div 3 – 7th

Div 4 – 11

40+ - =5th

50 - =2nd

Open Men

Like our premier women’s team were disadvantaged by the shortened.  Despite this we still finished in fourth place with all running to their potential.  Jack Rayner led the team and was well supported by Liam Cashin, Daniel Dunstone, Matthew Tonge, U18 Matthew Hussey and a very strong sub nine minute run from Cody Shanahan.  We were lucky to have Cody make the race and without his run the Premier team could have slipped to fifth and the other teams would have also slipped down the placings.  As it happened our Div 3 team all ran well with a standout run from Matthew Schaumberg in 10 minutes flat and the team finishing 3rd.  The Div 6 were solid finishing 5th.  Again the numbers were strong as we fielded two Div 7 teams with a little the support of two open women, Brenda Cashin and Jo Francken in the second team.  The Div 7 were 7thand 11th place.


Premier Men – 3rd

Div 3 – 2nd

Div 6 – 1st

Div 7 – 3rd


With less than usual junior teams we were able utilise many juniors in the open teams with great affect, overall strengthening teams and increasing the number of open women’s divisions.  

With Kirk being rested in the U20s, we saw a break-out run from Christiaan Weitsz, completing the single lap in a time of 9 minutes and 49 seconds.  Bailey Sharp then U18 Jackson Glover both followed up well helping the team to the podium in 3rd place.  Solid runs from Brandon Muscat, Robert Weitsz and Bailey Rankin landed the U18 team in 6th place in a very competitive age group.  In the U16, our first team for the year and in a very competitive age group, Tom Glover took charge and a leadership role looking after U14s Mitchell Roshier and Anthony Mosele, with the team finishing 12th.

Our only women’s junior team was the U16.  Mia White kicked off the team and set them up into third place with Abigail Thomas and Georgia Muller both putting solid efforts to hold the team in 3rd place.


Men U20 – 2nd

Men U18 – 3rd

Men U14 – 5th

Women U20 – 12th

Women U18 – 3rd

Women U16 – 2nd

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