XCR'18 Round 2 St Anne’s Vineyard

Photo: Alan Hammond

St Anne’s Vineyard was fresh course for all of us and on the day the weather was near perfect, luckily not too windy!  Most athletes found the course tough with a long climb around the front end of the circuit and then constant undulating hills on a firm but rough surface.  Generally a very good course and with the tight meandering circuits it was also good for the spectators to view the race.

This round we had a an increase in numbers, mainly from our women’s ranks.  There were 52 athletes contributing 4 open men’s teams, 3 open women’s team and in the juniors; Men U20, U18 and U14 and women U18 and U16.

Thanks again to the AV Helpers, Ben Mudie, Rachel McMinimee and Kylee Marsh and all those who fed us for afternoon tea!

Senior and open Women - 8km

It was a solid rebound after low numbers at Jells Park for the women to field three teams and we will need to maintain these numbers in order to ensure our Div 3 has an opportunity for promotion and the Div 4 does not slide into the relegation zone.

Strengthened by the addition of a couple athletes, Carolyn Huell and debutant Danni Rogan, the Premier women’s team improved on the Jells Park relays from 8th in to 6th place.  With some room for improvement still this was a great result and is forming as strong foundation for the season.  First for our athletes was Nardine Bainbridge in a time of 32 minutes and 15 seconds.  Battling out for the second over the line was 40+ Stephanie Thomas just ahead of Claire Hodgart, forth was Danni Rogan and rounding out the team was Carolyn Huell.  With the addition of 3 women to the ranks our the Div 3 was a very competitive team finishing in 4th place.  Chelsea Morley was first for the team in a sprint finish shortly followed by Sharon Rankin then Brigitte Sneyders and Aimee Lane round out the team.  It was great to see the numbers sufficient for a Div 4 team, thanks to Janice Hodgart, Jo Francken and Brenda Cashin. 

In the 40+ it was a great result with Stephanie Thomas leading the team then Chelsea Morley and Sharon Rankin and in the 50+ an equally great result in 2nd place with Carolyn Huell, Janice Hodgart and Brenda Cashin.




Photos: Carolyn, Danni, Aimee, Brigitte, Jo

Team Ladders

Premier Women – 7th

Div 3 – equal 4th

Div 4 – 15th

40+ - 6th

50+ - Equal 3rd

Individual Ladders

Carolyn Huell – 3rd 50-54

Steph Thomas – 6th 40-44

Sharon Rankin – 7th 45-49

Janice Hodgart – 8th 55-59

Senior and Open Men – 8km

It was another strong performance from our men’s ranks.  With 19 athletes we were able to fill out 4 teams and despite being without a couple of our two top athletes we still had the depth to produce a 4th and a 3rd for our two top teams.

In the men’s premier team it was a surprise to see Cody Shanahan in his first open men’s race to finish in 4th place overall in a time of 25 minutes and 32 seconds.  Close behind and holding his 5th place in a sprint finish was Liam Cashin then, also holding their ground was Callum Drake and Daniel Dunstone and rounding out the team was Tom Vernon and him his second race for us, Matt Tonge.  

Our men’s Div 3 finished 3rd and looked more like a Div 2 team from previous years with Michael Masseni, Alistair McDonald, Alex Tyrrell, Luke Hodgart and Cameron Menadue.  Down the order all our men ran well with the Div 6 finishing 4th and the Div 7 finishing 6th.

Cam and Alex

Photos: Cam Menadue, Cody and Liam, Matt S, Div 7

Team Ladders

Premier – 3rd

Div 3 – 2nd

Div 6 – equal 3rd

Div 7 – 4th and 12

40+ - Equal 18th

Individual Ladders

Cody Shanahan – 4th Open

Liam Cashin – 5th Open

Peter Cashin – 4th 60+

Alan Hammond - 5th 60+

Junior Women

It was a solid effort for all the women and this resulted in a win for the U18s and another 3rd place for the U16s team.

Our won their race with two top ten finishes from Ebony Dodemaide and Sophie McMinimee and a solid mid-field finish an improving Janae Mackrell.  If they maintain a strong team each week, they will be a strong chance of a premiership.  

The U16s continued to be consistent with Mia White finishing 4th, Abigail Thomas was 12th and rounding out the team was Georgia Muller in 15th.  Well done to all others who ran, the strength of these team is to field a team each week to give us a chance of these premierships.  There was a big drop in numbers between rounds 1 and 2, typical of these age groups across the competition.



Photos: Ebony, Sophie, Georgia, Justine


U20 – 8th

U18 – 2nd

U16 – 3rd

Individual Ladders

Ebony Dodoemaide – 3rd U18

Sophie McMinimee – 6th U18

Mia White – 4th U16

Junior Men

The junior men have a large squad spread across the U20 and U18 groups and, with this round, an U14 team.

The U20s improved their standing from Jells Park with strong runs from Kirk Shanahan, Bailey Sharp and Christiaan Weitsz, all finishing the race in the top ten!  The team finished 2nd and will be a strong chance for the premiership.  In the U18 we had a win also with both Ethan McMinimee and Brandon Muscat in the top ten and Robert Weitsz bringing home the team and also a strong chance for a premiership.   For the first time in a couple of year we have an U14s team with the team of Mitchell Roshier, Dylan Rowbottom and Anthony Mosele finishing in 3rd place.  Congratulation to both Dylan and Anthony in their first race with Western Athletics.



Bailey and Ethan

Photos: Kirk, BaileyR, Bailey+Ethan, U14s


U20 – equal 2nd

U18 – equal 2nd

U14 – equal 4th

Individual Ladders

Kirk Shanahan – 6th U20

Bailey Sharp – 7th U20

Christiaan Weitsz – 9th

Ethan McMinimee – 5th

Brandon Muscat – 9th

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