Phil Dunstone - XCR Manger Extraordinaire

Phil dedicates many hours to our club, especially over the cross country season.  Thank you Phil

Outside of athletics, apart from working full time Phil is a husband to Jan and a father to Millie and Dan.  

In his spare time (other than athletics), Phil has many hobbies and passions.

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Quite often when you ask Phil what he has planned after a Sunday morning You Yang run or a morning Pack Run, he is eager to go home a make his 'home brew.' He also loves music; where he has written some songs, played in a band, as well as being a solo artist.  Phil loves holidaying with his family and remembering all the overseas holidays he did as a young child - this has paved the way for a love of history.  Other ways he enjoys relaxing is watching documentaries as well as comedy. Two of his favorite movies are Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. He would love to change careers one day a become a plumber. Once again thank you for all the hours you spend within our club.


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