Victorian OPEN Track and Field Championships Volunteer Roster

URGENT - volunteers are needed again this weekend for OPEN age State Championships.

At this stage, we have not been advised as to what our duties are.  If you can help at all during the below time slots, please let me know, as I need to advise AV ASAP

The more people that help the better, as it spreads the load.  No one will then need to spend an entire morning, afternoon or evening at the track. If we do not fulfill our volunteer duties the club may be fined.  It would also help if the athletes that are competing could stay behind after their event to volunteer their time.   Could you please advise which day and time you would be available.

Friday 2nd March 

5pm -9pm

Saturday 3rd March

2pm - 7pm

Sunday 4th March

9am - 1pm

2 volunteers are needed 3 volunteers are needed 2 volunteers are needed
Adrian Jeffkins Phil Dunstone
Brenda Cashin
Peter Cashin

Club Helpers are required to Sign in for their duty in the Cathy Freeman Room and collect whatever equipment may be required for their role. 

A reminder of some safety requirements:- 

-          All club helpers must wear enclosed shoes  - no thongs, open sandals are permitted and no exceptions. If a club helper signs in and does not have enclosed shoes then the duty will be considered  ‘not fulfilled’.

-          Club helpers are reminded to make sure they are sun smart. Please bring a hat or long sleeve shirt and/or appropriate clothing. Sun screen will be provided and available from the Cathy Freeman Room.

-          Reminder that children are not permitted on the field of play if you are completing your duty