Club Records

Last updated 17:40.04, 14th January 2019

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* Wind assisted
** Hand timed

These results have been accumulated from:

  • Athletics Victoria Historial Results page
  • AthsVic past rankings
  • Athletics Australia Rankings and yearly results
  • Victorian Milers Club races
  • IAAF races


  • Could not find walking results prior to 2006.
  • Results from 2005 and earlier have been accumulated by John Alchin.
  • These results are from AV sanctioned and AA competitions.
  • Little athletics has not been counted as they are not representing Western Athletics and weights and heights can vary.
  • All Schools results have not been counted.
  • Records are taken by the age the athlete is on the date of the event.

Records change log

A big thank you to Claire Hodgart for updating and maintaining the Club Records.