Life Members

Stan Coxhill (Sunshine AC 90/91)
Vin Bunworth * (Werribee AC)
Maureen Bunworth (Werribee AC)
John Alchin (Sunshine AC 93/94)
Margaret Thompson (Footscray AC)
(also an Aths Vic Life Member 1995)
Phyllis Andersson (Footscray AC)
(also an Aths Vic Life Member 1970)
Kevin Falloon (Sunshine AC)
Rod Crick (Sunshine AC)
Debra Crick (Sunshine AC)
Margaret Wildman (Sunshine/Albion AC)
Marian Crook (Footscray AC)
Pam Thatcher (Footscray AC)
Leonie Viterbo (Sunshine AC)
Carmel Crick (Sunshine AC)
Ron Harris (Sunshine AC)
Roy Smellie (Sunshine AC)
Lois Smellie (Sunshine AC)
Thelma Archer (Sunshine AC)
Sheila Nichols (Sunshine AC)
George Vella (Sunshine AC)
Kevin Lewis (Sunshine AC)
Len Clark (Sunshine AC)
Mick Clark (Sunshine AC)
Rita Clark (Sunshine AC)
Sid Cox (Sunshine AC)
Kaye Wildman (Sunshine AC)
Peter Burke (Western Athletics 2005)
Russell Hampson (Western Athletics)
Wayne Bingham (Western Athletics 2010)
John Sanford (Western Athletics 2011)
Stuart Macaulay (Western Athletics 2015)

*** The Werribee and Footscray Life Members have been lost in past records ***
*** Each of these clubs had different policies regarding life membership***

The History of the Merger

In 1982 officials from the Altona, Sunshine and Werribee Athletics Clubs met and eventually formed the Western Suburbs Combine Club for Track and Field Competition.

After winning “B” grade at Aberfeldie that year, entry was granted into “A” Reserve competition. When “A” and “A” Reserve merged into a 12 team we won entry based on our good performances in “A” Reserve.

We were later joined by Footscray, Coburg, Preston, Keilor St Bernards and the former North Old Boys, St Albans and North West Athletic clubs.

In 1993/94 we entered a women's team and won entry into “A” grade for the same reason.

For some years we were permitted to compete in the Winter Competition as Western Suburbs and then all ran for Sunshine when the Board's policy changed.

During these years a bond of co-operation and trust developed between the clubs.

These contacts and the spirit engendered by many pack runs at the Brisbane Ranges and the hard work to gather and organise teams in “A” grade has formed the basis for the amalgamations.

During the 1994 - 1995 Track & Field Season there was some informal discussions between some of the senior competing members of the Sunshine and Werribee Clubs. These discussions centred around the future of each club, the loss of membership throughout the years and the inability of each club in entering competitive teams at both the Interclub Competition and at the State Relay Championships.

During the same period a formal working party made up of the Footscray, Sunshine & Werribee Clubs were looking at the problems that athletics was experiencing in the Western Suburbs.

The informal discussions and the formal working party work flowed quite naturally into formal meetings. Later in 1995 a survey was carried out of the individual club members, more meetings held between the three clubs, a vote was carried out and Western Athletics Incorporated was born.

It has been a resounding success, the Club's Teams and Relay performances have been outstanding and that is not mentioning the individual performances.

Western Athletics Club (1995 - Present)

Western Athletics was formed in 1995 with the amalgamation of three athletic clubs from the Western Suburbs,  Footscray, Sunshine and Werribee.

The first time the club met as a whole and wore the Western Athletics Club uniform was in the Weerama Festival in 1995 where the club had a 1km race down Watton Street, Werribee. The race started at Chirnside Park and finished at Kelly Park.

Western Athletics or as we soon became known as "Western A's" first competed at the Aberfeldie Venue in the 1995 - 1996 Track & Field Season. The competition at that time was known as Interclub but was renamed by Athletics Victoria to Shield Competition for the 2004 - 2005 Track & Field Season.

It was not long before the Club enjoyed success as the Women's U/18 Team won the Venue Final in it's first year of competition.

Over the next 10 years this success has continued. The Club has enjoyed some outstanding individual and team results in both the Summer Track & Field Competition and in the Winter Road & Cross Country Competition.

The Club's Teams have won at both the Venue & Association Finals and have also preformed remarkably well at the State Relay Championships.

The club supports our junior athletes in their school sports athletics programs and many of them have performed remarkably well at their local school sports programs and have gone on to compete at both the Victorian & Australian All Schools Athletics Championships.

The club has also held many successful social events which have included Club Trips, Christmas BBQ's, the Annual Gift, the Multi Event Day, Trivia Nights, Karaoke Nights and the big one for the year the Presentation Night. The Social Committee is always on the look out for new events where the athletes and their families can enjoy a function together.